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Esly Regina Souza de Carvalho, Ph.D.

Esly Regina Carvalho, Ph.D., maintained a private practice in the Dallas area for many years before her return to Brazil in 2006. A Brazilian-American clinical psychologist, she now maintains her practice in Brasilia, and spends extended time training EMDR professionals. Over the past six years over fifteen hundred EMDR therapists have been trained in Brazil, two EMDR trainers now assist her as well as many EMDR Facilitators/Supervisors. An EMDR Brasil Association has been formed that partners with EMDR Ibero-America (EMDR IBA) where Esly served two terms as EMDR IBA president (2007-2010/2010-2013).

An international trainer and speaker in great demand, Esly has also published books and articles about the use of EMDR and Psychodrama (her first training approach). She was responsible for founding the Psychodrama movement in Ecuador in 1990, which now boasts several training groups and hosted the 7th Ibero-American Psychodrama conference in 2009, in Quito, Equador. She also took the EMDR movement to that country, and the EMDR Ecuador national organization hosted the II Iberian-American EMDR Conference in 2010.

For those interested in her work, Esly has DVDs and books available in English or with English subtitles (see below). She can be reached by e-mail for those interested in her presentations in English, Spanish or Portuguese.


Healing the Folks Who Live Inside

Healing the Folks Who Live Inside

How EMDR Can Heal Our Inner Gallery of Roles

After launching this book in Portuguese where it went through its first edition in less than six months, Esly has now finished the translation into Spanish (available on Amazon and for Kindle). The English version is now availabe on Amazon, in paperback and kindle formats. In this very reader-friendly book, Esly talks about trauma and its consequences, how EMDR and other therapies can be used in role therapy to heal the inner roles or “folks” who live inside all of us. Appropriate for clients as well as professionals.

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If you would like to learn more about your Inner Gallery, you can sign up for the free 3 lesson e-course: Click here to sign up


DVDs EMDR English:

Pillars of Life

An EMDR resource installation protocol. This DVD includes the group protocol, a short session and an interview with Esly about its use. Esly explains the importance of celebrating what works in life. Based on the original Psychodrama protocol developed by Carlos Raimundo, MD (Australia), she has adapted it for EMDR professionals. It was presented at the EMDR International (EMDRIA) conference in Dallas, 2009.

EMDR: Drawings, Pictures and Metaphors

This is an EMDR protocol for adult use of drawings. A thirty-minute presentation of the protocol that was taped in Paris, France, in 2007, during an EMDREA Conference, it details its use and presents illustrations with case studies from her practice. The difference in the drawings from the beginning to the end of the same session are very impressive!

EMDR with Difficult Clients (#1 and #2)

Presented at the II EMDR Ibero-American Conference in Quito, Equador (2010), this tape is in Spanish with English and Portuguese subtitles. Esly integrates the use of role therapy and EMDR in front of 150 participants, treating colleagues’ difficult clients by supervising them in role-reversal. A very moving and effective form of treatment, each of the two presentations is about 80 minutes. One of the most creative public presentations of EMDR ever!

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